Karnataka girl Siya Vamansa Khode will receive the National Award for Bravery from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 23, 2017 prior to Republic Day and thereafter will participate in the parade. There will be 24 other awardees and they receive a medal, certificate and cash each.


In 2015, Vamansa was felicitated with the Keladi Chennamma award for bravery by the Karnataka state government. The 11-year-old from Dharwad saved her younger brother from electrocution. She was playing with her 7-year-old brother, Yellappa, when he accidentally came in contact with a live wire.


In a previous interview to The Hindu, she detailed the incident, “While we were playing, I saw my younger brother holding the iron railing, but standing still with his eyes wide open. When I tried to pull him away, I received an electric shock. That's when I realised Yellappa was electrocuted. I tried to hold his hand, but received yet another electric shock. So I pulled him away from the railing by holding on to his shirt.”


It was her presence of mind and quick reflexes that saved her brother’s lives and brought the dangerous live wire in the notice of the family members.