Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah commented on Janardhana Reddy’s daughter’s marriage on Sunday in Holalkere, Chitradurga. He did not take his name, however he said “Our state has witnessed a lavish marriage of a former minister recently. All the media hyped this marriage too immoderately”.


After blessing the 163 new couples, who entered into wedlock, CM remembered his son. “Out of my two sons one got married without informing me, recently he expired. Another son (Yateendra) has decided not to get married. Hence arranging marriage or lavish marriage is out of question for me. I’ve instructed my brothers, sisters and all the family members to arrange simple marriage. I’ve clearly told them that I’ll attend your marriages only if it is arranged in village. Hence all my relatives are arranging their marriages in my native village”.


In his speech he said that lavish marriages, particularly, lavish marriages that are organized by people’s representatives gives a wrong message to the society.


He advised rich people to choose for simple marriage “if this trend prevails then the innocent people also start thinking that lavish marriages are ideal. Consequently they either take loans or sell their properties to arrange their marriages” he added.


Siddaramaiah is always hesitant and conscious about family taking advantage of his power and influence.




The mass marriage was arranged by Social Welfare Minister H Anjaneya in Holalkere, Chitradurga. Anjaneya is organising mass marriage since three years, every year on the occasion of Indira Gandhi’s birth day.


Dr. Shivamurti Murugha Sharanaru, pontiff of Bruhanmatha, Chitradurga was present during the marriage.