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Karnataka CM's official house haunted?

  • It is believed that the Karnataka CM's official residence-Anugraha is haunted
  • Paranormal activists have felt the presence of an energy
Karnataka CM house Anugraha Paranormal activity ghost
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Earlier the talks were that the home was 'jinxed', but now paranormal activists say that it might be haunted.


According to a few paranormal activists, they have tested the CM's house and have felt the presence of an "energy." 


This explains why in the past also former chief ministers - BS Yeddyurappa, HD Kumaraswamy and Jadagish Shetter did not stay here instead they were housed at other residence 'Krishna' or 'Cauvery' which is 500 meter away from Anugraha.


It is the belief among CM's that staying at Anugraha will bring bad luck to political career. Yeddyurappa was warned against staying in "Anugraha" and instead had taken up his official residence at Race Course Road.


According to an astrologer, a house can bring bad luck and hence it is advised to do cleansing act by offering various poojas.


Earlier former CM Sadanada Gowda has stayed at Anugraha, but he too lost his position due to infighting in BJP in 2011 and Jagadish Shettar was made CM them. Shettar chose to stay at Cauvery another official residence.


Amidst such rumors about bad luck, the paranormal activist conducted a investigation at this Anugraha and found out movement of energy.


"Through out electronic gadgets, we were able to note few energy movement at CM's official house," said Archana, a paranormal activist.


The activists also say the house that are most of the time empty and abandoned are taken over by such elements and it may become haunted. 


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