In an odd move, the Karnataka state government awarded a tender worth ₹73 crore to the Ramalingam Construction Company. The tender is for the construction of a right bank canal of the Harangi irrigation project.


The Ramalingam Construction Company is jointly owned by Chandrakanth Ramalingam and CB Chakravarthy. Chakravarthy is also the owner of CCK constructions.


Interestingly, Ramalingam is currently in jail. He was arrested by the CBI for hoarding black money on December 3, 2016. And he remains in jail now.  


Sources says that the PWD was given a suggestion by the chief engineer, where it was bought to their attention that the companies were not eligible for the tender.


However the government awarded the tender to the company with a time frame of eight months. 


On 12 January, defending the award of the tender, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah told the media that the tender was awarded transparently and was announced pre-demonetisation.


However after a public outcry, it is not reported that the Irrigation Department has put on hold the issuance of the work orders, thus preventing the firm from executing the work.