With the Karnataka Assembly Elections approaching, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) released its 2nd list of candidates for Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018 on Tuesday, April 17 in Bangalore Press Club. Sri Shivakumar Chengalraya, in-charge of State Political Affairs and Co-Convener, released the list of candidates in Bangalore Press Club. He briefly introduced the candidates and explained the reason why AAP is in the election fray. He also gave the reason why people are eagerly looking for an alternate political party and change from the traditional politics of the state. He also mentioned that the AAP's Delhi Government’s work in the last three years, particularly in the field of education and health care, has boosted their confidence and reaped praises all over the world. In the press club, he also mentioned that none of their candidates has any corruption charges, or is involved in crime or any communal activity. "AAP has set a standard by giving tickets to such clean people so that the voice of corrupt and criminals in the assembly is drowned and ordinary common people’s voice is heard", he said.


The lists of candidates are as follows:


1.    Asif Herkal - Devarahipparagi 

2.    Ajit Babu – Ramanagara

3.    B R Bhaskar Prasad – Mahadevapura

4.    A Ilangovan – Gandhinagar

5.    Farooqsaab Nadaf – Belagavi (North)

6.    Sadananda Metri – Belagavi (South)

7.    Sanjeeva Kumar Karikal – Kalaburgi North

8.    Dr. Sundara Gowda – Chickamagaluru

9.    B Prabhuswamy – Gubbi

10. S F Patil – Dharawad (Rural)