The management of Nehru Engineering College, where Vishny Pranoy, a BTech student committed suicide allegedly after harassment by college authorities, suspended four students who had protested against the death of the student. As the students started a protest against management, college principal promised not to take any action against students. 

As per reports, authorities informed students that they are suspended and are not allowed to attend class as they protested against the college. The students, Athul Jose, Sujesh, Nikhil Antony and Muhammed Aashiq were the ones to bring out the news of Pranoy's suicide and problems faced by students in the college. 

It is alleged that the authorities called a PTA meeting before the reopening of college, but the parents of these students were not invited, instead gave an explanation that the students would be suspended soon. But college authorities said no such action was taken against students, and college principal gave in writing that the students won't be suspended. 

"The authorities told us to keep away from classes as we were responsible for the protests. We want a students union to raise our demands, but the management is not ready to allow that," the students told Asianet News. 

Protests have been raging against the college after the suicide of Jishnu Pranoy and students alleged that the management implemented stringent rules and often tortured them mentally and physically. The college was shut from January 6, after the suicide of Pranoy. 

Other students and family members of Pranoy had alleged that the management had tortured him mentally and physically, causing his death. The grieving family also filed a complaint with the Chief Minister requesting criminal action against management.