Finally, the Kerala police have managed to crack the Jisha murder mystery. The case posed a large challenge for the investigators and put tremendous pressure on both the special probe team and the government. The breakthrough in the case came after the police released a second sketch of the suspect and stumbled upon crucial evidence a few days ago.


Reports say that the police had nabbed Assamese construction worker Amyur Ul Islam three ago from the Thrissur-Palakkad border and had been interrogating him at a secret location.  

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From the very start, the police investigation was centred around three main pieces of evidence. In the first phase, the police went through the call detail record (CDR) from which 100 phone calls were zeroed upon. One of them was of the Assam native now in custody. The SIT reviewed 25 lakh phone calls before boiling it down to the final 100. 


The CDR showed that the suspect made only one call after the crime. After a detailed inquiry, the police found that the person stayed hardly 200 meters away from Jisha's house and was missing after the murder.

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The second crucial breakthrough came after the police released the second sketch of the suspect.


Police also recovered a pair of sandals from the bank of the canal behind Jisha’s house. A footwear shop owner identified the person who had bought the pair of footwears from the shop a few days back. He also confirmed that the rubber footwears found abandoned near Jisha's home with blood stains were the same purchased by the suspect.

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The investigation focused on the mobile phone calls, which were also another piece of crucial evidence from which police learned that Amyur Ul Islam, who fled to Assam soon after the murder, had made calls to his friends and asked about the progress of the investigation. When police extended their probe to Assam, West Bengal and other states, the suspect returned to Palakkad from where he was taken into custody.


During interrogation, the suspect confessed to committing the murder. The DNA samples collected from the skin cells found under Jisha’s nails and the blood smears in the house and the chappals were also proved decisive.


Police sources inform that Amyur Ul Islam was known to Jisha and was one of the construction labourers who built Jisha’s new house. The suspect is known to be an alcoholic and sexual pervert, according to police. He used to harass the girl. On April 28 morning, he had an argument with Jisha and came back in an inebriated state in the afternoon, entered the house and strangulated Jisha to death.