Causing a huge embarrassment for the state police and government, the State Vigilance has exposed serious lapse in the charge sheet filed in the sensational Jisha Murder case. The investigation was flawed from the filing of the FIR, Vigilance Chief Jacob Thomas, pointed in a highly confidential report to the Home Secretary.


The Vigilance report, submitted in January this year, had warned the government that the charge sheet filed in the case would not withstand a legal scrutiny. The 16-page document aired the suspicion that more people might have been involved in the crime.

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Even though the government received the Vigilance report, it shelved it after the state police chief raised serious objections. The Special Investigation Team headed by ADGP B Sandhya also questioned the Vigilance verification. The  Vigilance had no right to verify an ongoing investigation by state police, the officials pointed out. 

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Key points in the Vigilance report:

  • There can be more culprits.
  • The charge sheet flawed.
  • The investigation was misguided from the very beginning.
  • The police failed to collect scientific evidence.

The DGP Loknath Behra refused to comment on the Vigilance verification report saying that the case was under trial and it won’t be fair from his part to comment on the same.

The murder of the Dalit law student from Perumbavoor is now being trialed in the Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court. The court had decided to do the trial in-camera after a request from the prosecution.  

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The counsel of the accused had repeatedly demanded a re-investigation into the case. "We have always held that the charge sheet was flawed. The Vigilance report once again proves that the police was in a hurry to frame charges against Ameerul," B Aloor, the counsel of the accused said.  "Father of Jisha had repeated demanded a re-investigation," he added.


In the charge-sheet, the SIT claimed that Ameerul Islam, an Assamese labourer, single-handedly committed  crime. The police also alleged that the culprit, a sex pervert, brutally raped and killed Jisha when she was alone at her home on 28  April 2016.


The shocking murder of the Dalit law student had triggered widespread protests across the state and was a major issue in the Assembly Elections in May last year. The SIT arrested Amirul Islam fifty days after the incident.  


The police version in the case had raised doubts among the public from the day Amirul was arrested  in June last year. The sketch of the suspect that the police prepared based on witness accounts had had no resemblance with Amirul. There were suspicions raised about the third fingerprint found at the crime scene. 

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The holes in the charge sheet had raised apprehensions that Jisha murder case might go the same way as Soumya rape and murder case did. The Supreme Court (SC) had cancelled the capital punishment sentence awarded to the accused in the case, raising strong public resentment in Kerala. The SC had criticised the prosecution for presenting speculations as evidence. 

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