Even as Karnataka is staring at an acute drinking water shortage, Tamil Nadu has stirred up another row after it approached the Cauvery Supervisory Committee (CSC) demanding for more water be released to it.



The Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary reportedly has shot off an email to the CSC demanding that Karnataka should release 61 TMC water. Till now Karnataka has released 33 TMC from the KRS.



As per the guidelines of CSC, during good rainfall season, Karnataka is expected to release 93 TMC water to Tamil Nadu. With this year the state witnessing low-rainfall, Karnataka has claimed that for its requirement the is left with only 44 TMC of water.



Karnataka on its part has called the demand "baseless and impractical."  MB Patil, Irrigation Minister, told Suvarna News that Karnataka will file a counter-appeal with CSC.



Earlier this week, the Karnataka government had written to the Cauvery Supervisory Committee panel to send an expert inspection team headed by an officer of the rank of a chief engineer as was done by the Cauvery Monitoring Committee in October 2012, to study the ground realities in the Cauvery basin.



The Centre, however, has decided to convene the Cauvery Supervisory Committee meeting on September 12 without sending its teams to the Cauvery basin states to study the water situation due to a shortage of time.