The last time we saw Tamil Nadu coming together in large numbers was for former chief minister Jayalalithaa’s death. The sea of people joined the funeral procession and watched as the casket was lowered into its resting place.


There was another instance in the recent past when all of Tamil Nadu showed tremendous unity and resilience. This was when the cyclones ravaged the state. The power of social media, utilised excellently under the handle #ChennaiFloods. 


Now, the scene in Tamil Nadu is not sombre or sad, it is angry, rebellious and is demanding their rights. In the past few days, different parts of the state have come onto the streets to protest what they consider a grave ‘injustice’. Their demand being #JusticeforJallikattu and #WedoJallikattu.


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The state has time and again showed that it believes in the Tamil pride and will unite to see that their demands are met. They are willing to stand up to the highest level of law and justice in the country - the Supreme Court - and will defy it to get their tradition back.


The protesters have asked for the banning of the animal rights organisation PETA which is opposing the holding of the sporting event. The protesters have also called for the exclusion of Native Bulls from the Protected Category and have demanded an ordinance to ammend the Jallikattu Act. 


Panneerselvam also told the youths that the government would even approach the President seeking an ordinance on the matter. The Supreme Court had on January 12 rejected a plea urging it to pass judgement on the sport before Pongal festival.


Watch: #JusticeForJallikattu


Tamil Nadu has received tremendous support in this demand to bring back their 5000-year-old tradition. From the Centre, film industry, students, common man and more have shown their unflinching support. The streets of Tamil Nadu are awash with the cries of Jallikattu. Here's how the city reacted: 


Actor Vijay's video message



Virendra Sehwag asks for peaceful protests





Justice Markandey Katju salutes the spirit of Tamil Nadu


The outpouring of public opposition to PETA and the SC ban


Little revolutionaries lead the way 



In Tirupur 





In Coimbatore



On Marina Beach


Despite police disconnecting the power supply at Marina Beach, the protesters continued their protest with the help of their mobile phone lights in the night.


International support 




As of now there are calls for more protests in the state. Each, exhorting the state to remain adamant for the cause and not give into the law.




Slowly the cause is swelling but with each wave is arising a demand for saving of Tamil tradition. of Jallikattu being the Tamizh birthright and repeatedly the one clarion call makes its way out from the crowds #JusticeforJallikattu