The quest to recover black money stashed across the country has intensified with multiple IT raids reported from across the nation. These raids have led to uncovering of an unimaginable sum of money and ironically, much of the black money has been recovered in new ₹2000 currency. 


Early on Wednesday morning, the Income Tax department conducted raids at Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Ram Mohan Rao's resident in Chennai. The news sent shockwaves in the bureaucratic circle of the nation. 


As per initial reports, the raid is underway and approximately 20 IT officials in two teams are present at the house where the chief secretary has been living from past 7 years. As of now, no reports of any large amount of seizures have been made in this raid. 


Earlier, in another raid the IT department recovered ₹90 crore in cash from Shekar Reddy, who supposedly has a close association with some senior bureaucrat and also, TN CM O Panneerselvam. This recent raid could be linked to the Shekar Reddy raid. 


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Reports are also suggesting that IT raids have been conducted at other bureaucrats premises too. This could spell a lot of trouble for AIADMK, especially if the link between the top ranking bureaucrats and black money hoarders is established.