The Intelligence Bureau has issued a notice with the names of IS sympathisers including those from Kerala and has directed the immigration department to increase security checks at all airports in the country.

In 2014, four youths from Kalyan in Mumbai left India to join ISIS. One of them was killed in a bombing, and the remaining three returned to India.

In 2015, 23 Indians were reported to have joined ISIS, 17 out of which were from the southern states. Six were reported to have been killed, and two returned to India. 

In 2016, 21 Keralites were reported ‘missing’ and had joined ISIS according to reports by intelligence agencies. Three were killed in fighting in the Syria-Iraq region while one was reportedly killed in Afghanistan in 2017.

Indian intelligence agencies have alerted its embassies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey to scrutinise new applications for Indian passport thoroughly.
Indian intelligence agencies had placed 150 people under the scanner for being ISIS sympathisers or having links with them and are planning to increase their radar.