A Hindu girl from Thiruvananthapuram, who converted to Islam, is believed to have joined the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in Syria along with her husband - a Christian convert.


The girl's mother now has lashed out against the police department for failing to initiate a timely investigation despite her repeated insistance. 


Speaking to Asianet News, Bindhu said her daughter Nimisha, a final year BDS student of Century Dental College, Poinachy in Kasaragod, went missing from her college eight months back.


From the information received from her classmates, Nimisha's relatives came to know that the girl had shown a keen interest in watching war videos of ISIS and married a man named Isa whom she had acquainted while studying. 


"We lodged a missing complaint with the police and filed Habeas Corpus petition in the High Court. Our daughter appeared in the court along with her husband. We got to know that she had converted to Islam and taken the name Fathima Nimisha and her husband, a native of Palakkad had also converted to Islam from Christianity, the mother said. 


"The magistrate allowed Nimisha to take the decision, and she chose to go with Isa. Later, we came to know that she was pregnant and was staying with Isa's step-mother in Palakkad. We also informed police that Isa's brother had married a girl from Ernakulam similarly and that Isa had transferred his properties to his step-mother's name, but the police did not show any keenness" the distraught mother added.


Bindhu also added that she had met ADGP R Sreelekha on the matter but could not get a favourable response from police or government. 


"My daughter along with her husband visited us in May and said that they are planning to move to Sri Lanka for business purposes. Though we resisted, they were adamant to go. Till 18 May Nimisha used to call me but after that she started sending only Whatsapp messages. When I insisted on hearing her voice, she began sending voice messages. After 4  June she has neither called or messaged us. If the police had made timely intervention we would not have lost our daughter", alleged Bindhu.


The incident comes in the backdrop of reports that at least 16 people, including a doctor and his family, are believed to have travelled to Syria to join the ISIS. The relatives of 16 people from Kerala’s northern Kasargode district have now approached the state government seeking help. 



The families realised something was amiss after one of the relatives, among the 16, got a message that all of them have reached their destination safely. Since then all their phones have been switched off. 


The Sunni group - ISIS - capture large areas in Syria and Iraq in 2014 and announced the established of a Muslim caliphate. The group since then has been asking Muslim worldover to come and join the "caliphate" and wage against the government's of the world.