The ISIS have a terrible reputation and an addiction for violent and gory killings. What this Andhra Pradesh native faced in captivity is what few of us can stomach. Speaking to reporters after reuniting his family, Dr. Ramamurthy Kosanam recounted the years he had been forced to spend in the Islamist state.


Dr Ramamurthy was working in Libya for the past 18 years and was working as a physician in the Lbn-e-Sina Hospital at Sirte. The IS militants had kidnapped Dr. Ramamurthy, engineer Samal Pravash Ranjan of Odisha and seven Filipino nurses from their residential quarters.


Talking about cruelty in ISIS regime to an ANI reporter, he said: “ISIS people forced us to watch videos of what they did to Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other places. It was bit difficult to watch them.”


Initially he was kept in captivity and moved about from place to place for fear their cover would be blown. Despite expressing his inability to do major operations and surgeries, he was forcibly asked to operate on injured ISIS soldiers.


He mentioned that there were both men and women in the group and that there were suicide bombers as young as 10, and even older than 65 too. Even the doctor was not spared of injuries or of the hot-temper of his captives. His refusal to operate or obey them saw him being shot thrice and has bullet wounds to prove his claims.


While he mentioned that the IS militants did not do them much harm, he said, they were very abusive.


We already have examples of Indian youth running away to join the ISIS. On being asked about the same he remarked that the ISIS was very much interested in India and had proper knowledge of the current affairs and were looking to spread their ideology to our country.


Teachings of Islam and the rules of their organisation were also forcibly given and efforts at forced conversion were also made with some of the other captors. The captives were even made to say the Namaz and practice all the cleanliness rituals properly.