Irom Chanu Sharmila, the leader of Manipur's historic struggle against AFSPA (Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act), arrived in Attappady in Kerala on Tuesday for a month-long 'meditation' after her defeat in the Assembly polls last week.  


"I am happy to enjoy the hospitality of Kerala. People of Kerala have always supported me. I came here to stay away from everything," Sharmila said. 


Irom Sharmila with Uma Preman and Basheer Madala

Commenting on the political developments in Manipur, Sharmila felt that people of Manipur and herself need to be more 'awake.' The BJP is using money and muscle power to reach in power in Manipur, she criticised.  


The activist, known as the iron lady of Manipur, will be staying with her friends at Attappady in Palakkad, the tribal heartland of Kerala. Uma Preman, who works among the tribes of Attappady, is hosting Sharmila at 'Shanthi Gramam' in Agali.  


Speaking to Asianet News, Irom Sharmila said she would be active in the problems of Adivasis of Attappady. "As a human being, I can influence people," she hoped. 

Irom sharmila at Attappady

The human rights activist, who led a historic 16-years fast stir against AFSPA,  is planning to spend a month in Attappady where she chose to go into a recluse after she was rejected by her own people in Assembly polls. Sharmila received only 90 votes.