On January 3, Asianet Newsable highlighted the plight of Karnataka's Aslam Pasha, a para-athlete who once wonder laurels for the nation, but was now left a pauper with nowhere to turn to. 

Back in 2003, at the Special Olympics Games in Dublin, Ireland, Aslam Pasha won two golds for the country. At the time, he was India's only athlete on a wheelchair. He won for shot put and the 200-meter wheelchair race. That day, June 28, proved to be a day of glory for India, when we won 45 medals, including ten golds. 



However, all of that feels like a nightmare now, since Aslam struggles to have a dignified life, without a job or support. While he overcame his disabilities to win golds for the country, the country could not overcome his lack of a formal education and knowledge of English. 

Asianet Newsable shared his story with Karnataka's Primary and Secondary Education and Minority Affairs Minister Tanveer Sait, who promised to look into the matter. 

Speaking to Asianet Newsable, Tanveer said - "I am travelling right now, but once I am back I will meet up with him and ensure that he gets a job as soon as possible."

It is heartening to see that Aslam may at last once again have a chance to hold his head up high in this country.