Resort mafia had violated all possible norms and bent rules with the connivance of authorities in Kerala in the past. But this alleged encroachment will surprise all with its sheer disregard for the rules in place. The multi-storied resort at Anchuruly is coming right in the reservoir of Idukki dam, the biggest dam in Kerala. 


Once the reservoir is full, one can touch it from the ground floor of the four-storied building! There are strict norms in place that stipulate no construction should be allowed within 15 metres from the maximum capacity of the reservoir. Asianet News reports that the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), the custodian of the dam and the surrounding areas of the reservoir, is blissfully unaware of the blatant violation.


Besides the four-storied resort, two small buildings are also nearing completion on the site. Interestingly, the KSEB has given power supply by pulling an 11 KV power line. 


Huge stumps of logged trees are also seen at the site. The private resort company would not have dared to carry out such huge construction by encroaching reservoir without the silent approval from various departments, Asianet News reports. This happens when the KSEB and other departments vehemently oppose distribution of land titles to farmers living around the reservoir citing rules and norms.