Malayalam actress Bhavana, who recently went through an unfortunate incident revealed that she has enemies in the film industry. Previously also much has been written about their being a so-called lobby in the Malayalam film industry who have kept work away from Bhavana  or have in some way or the other caused the actress professional damage. 


Fingers have been pointed at a certain prominent actor but no one has openly said anything. 

This is, for the first time that the actress speaks about the unfortunate incident in her life."This is a fight. I am doing this for the women in Kerala. I will continue this fight till victory," the actress said. "I went through the worst phase of my life. But so many people stood with me, prayed for me and supported to bring out the truth. What happened on that night was something I couldn't even imagine," she said. 


Actress and close friend Manju Warrier, co-star Prithviraj Sukumaran were some of the few people who actively stood by her in her time of distress in the past. Both the actors have been heard praising Bhavana for her courage and for standing up against what befell her. Bhavana, earlier also has been known to speak her mind and now also she did so. 

There is much more the actress opened up about, most importantly the abortion rumours being spread. In an interview to Vanitha magazine she opens up. “Every year there were atleast ten reports about my abortion and that I went to America, Aluva, Thrissur and all these places for abortion. Apart from that there will be reports about me having a relationship with some director. They didn’t even have a consideration that I was only 16 years old. Would they do the same against if it was someone from their own family.


Rumours and media gossip have done Bhavana a lot of harm and her words reflect how at such a young age she had to face such harsh criticism. Now she has entered a new phase of her life after her engagement with long time beau and Kannada producer Naveen.