The grouping of a festival and a state holiday around a weekend meant, for many people, October 29 to November 1 was a nice long stretch of leaves. Anticipating a spike in passenger traffic, Transport authorities had arranged additional fleets of buses in all district and taluk centres of the state.


While during Dussera, the KSRTC saw an increase of 15.80% in revenues, Diwali caused a surge of  12.98%


Interesting, government rates proved to be the deciding factor for many. While private transport operators increased their luxury bus service fares by two fold, KSRTC charged modest rates for its luxury fleet - catching the attention of the general public.


Besides this, KSRTC had also provided additional passenger pick-up centers this time, which turned out to be a boon for travelers across Bengaluru



General Glimpse of the fares and destination:

From                                                    To                                                   KSRTC Fare                      Private Bus

Bengaluru               Dharmastala (AC –sleeper bus)                                            ₹975                               ₹1600

Bengaluru               Davangere     (Multi-axle bus)                                               ₹589                               ₹1800

Bengaluru              Lingarajpura   (Sleeper bus)                                                   ₹839                               ₹1500

Bengaluru               Sirsi                  (Sleeper bus)                                              ₹736                               ₹1450


2.97 Crore Income

During this Diwali, 43,550 passengers booked their tickets, generating profits of ₹2.97 crore for the KSRTC. This is a record by itself, KSRTC authorities opined.


Profit during Deepavali:       (Rupees in Crores)

                                                                      Current Year                          Last Year                                                             

First day                                                             ₹9.8 cr                                  ₹8.09 cr

Second day                                                       ₹8.42 cr                                 ₹7.36 cr

Third day                                                           ₹ 9.43 cr                                ₹8.56 cr

Fourth day                                                         ₹8.19 cr                                 ₹7.09 cr