Chandrakala was a private firm employee in Hyderabad. She, along with five others family members, was travelling in an Indica from Kukatpally to Takkallapally village in Ranga Reddy district to visit her sister. 

In a statement given to The News Minute, Inspector Madan Mohan Reddy said, “While they were travelling, a truck carrying a load of scrap coming from the opposite direction came in contact with an overhead high-tension wire, which was hanging. The wire snapped and hit the car, causing a fire.”

According to a report by Deccan Chronicle, the road was recently relaid. The cable which used to be 20 feet above ground now came down to 17 feet due to the road’s elevation. The truck was overloaded with scrap which hit the cable and broke it.

A biker, Mr Nagilla Jagan, opened the door with the help of a handkerchief. While everyone stepped out, Chandrakala accidentally came into contact with the cable and was electrocuted. A fire broke out immediately, burning the victim and the car. 

A case under Section 304(a) of the IPC, causing death due to negligence has been registered against the electric department, the truck driver and the truck owner.