Speaking at the religious convention ‘Mangala Gau Yatra Mahamangala’ on January 29, Swamy expressed his rather strong opinions on cow slaughter, comparing the smuggling and killing of cows to murder.


Among other things, he stated that he was going to present a private bill in Parliament over cow protection. He also suggested that the government start hanging those who slaughter cows and cow smugglers.


Expanding on those thoughts, he went on to share ideas about the three blades of the ‘Trishul’, one of the symbols of Hinduism, in his own way. He said that the three blades represented the three objectives of Hindutva – prohibition of cow slaughter, construction of a Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and a rejuvenation of Sanskrit.


Adding historical heft to his statement, Swamy harked back to Bahadur Shah Jafar, the last Emperor of the Mughal empire, to defend his idea of capital punishment for cow slaughter. Swamy claimed that even Bahadur Shah, during his rule, had imposed capital punishment for cow slaughter.


Swamy also expanded on the goodness of cows, sharing the medicinal values of cow dung, cow urine and milk products.


In his speech, Swamy also quoted Mahatma Gandhiji and Dr Ambedkar as proof that India should protect its cows.


“We need not make any law to protect the cow. The constitution itself has given a provision for cow protection, we only need to implement it” he said.


Swamy also supported the government’s decision to cancel a subsidy for beef exports and analyzed that as an important step towards the protection of cows. He urged the government to give tax exemptions for those who donate lands for ‘Goshala’ (cow sheds).


More than 1300 pontiffs and religious heads participated in the 'Mangala Gau Yatra Mahamangala' and more than one lakh people gathered in Mangaluru for this event. It was organized by Sri Raghaveshwara Bharti of Ramachandrapura Math. The people gathered there took an oath from Raghaveshwara Bharti for the protection of cows.