Kerala cabinet has decided to frame a legislation making Malayalam compulsory in all schools in the state. The ordinance aims to ensure that Malayalam is taught in all schools up to higher secondary level. 

The language will be made compulsory in all government (both aided and unaided), private, ICSE and CBSE schools/ Cabinet has also decided to implement the decision on an urgent basis. The government took the initiative after it came to its notice that mother tongue was not being taught in some of the schools in the state. Some schools have also imposed a ban on speaking in Malayalam in classrooms and campus. 

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The government decided to frame a law as the schools did not follow the order of previous UDF government making Malayalam mandatory in the schools in the state. 

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Kerala High Court had quashed the order of UDF Government that made Malayalam compulsory in CBSE schools. The court pointed out that students from other states are also studying in the schools. 

The state government is looking to frame a law to do away with the hurdles pointed out by CBSE and ICSE schools whenever Malayalam was made mandatory in schools.