The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike's (BBMP) allotment of Personal Identification (PID) numbers, based on Geographical Information System (GIS), is nearing completion.


19 lakh properties have been recorded in the BBMP's books so far thanks to GIS mapping – an initiative taken up by the BBMP years ago.

Thousands of properties in the city have evaded the BBMP's tax scanner hitherto and this has resulted in significant revenue loss to BBMP, reported to be to the tune of several crore per year. 


In order to bring all such properties under its ambit, BBMP authorities embarked on an ambitious scheme to allot GIS-based unique PID numbers to all properties in the city.
 The BBMP was widely acclaimed as the first local authority in the entire country which implemented the system of allotting a special number to each and every property. 


The initiative which was started five years ago, is almost complete now.

Aided by this system, authorities hope to can detect tax evaders, against whom they plan punitive action. Property owners too can view details of their properties via the GIS PID number. 


Entering the PID number on the website will eventually dsiplay the total dimensions of the said property, built-up area and other details. If the price of a property is entered into the system on a per-square-feet basis in that zone or ward, then it is presumed that is amount would be applicable to all properties in that zone or ward.


Thus it becomes handy for authorities to calculate the rate of tax accordingly.


Interestingly, the BBMP has also allowed for a 'tattle' system. Viewers can also make note of the tax paid by their neighbours and complain to the BBMP if they feel there is some discrepancy in the amount.