In a major step to carry forward his government’s efforts to make medical care affordable to all, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hinted that doctors would be mandated to prescribe generic medicines. The generic prescriptions would allow people to go for cheaper medicines and escape the exploitation of pharma brands.


The government will bring in a legal framework to make it mandatory for   doctors to give prescriptions enabling patients to buy generic medicine, PM Modi said after inauguration of a charitable hospital at Surat in Gujarat.

Modi said his government will continue its efforts to make affordable medical care accessible for all. “In this country, hospitals are scarce, there is shortage of doctors, but medicines are costly,” he said. Ill health of a member could destroy the financial well-being of a family.

The government is committed to ensure that everyone gets health services at minimal cost.  We have brought in a National Health Policy after 15 years, reduced the price of medicines and regulated price of life-saving cardiac stents, the Prime Minister said. The government invited the wrath of pharmaceutical companies by these measures, he added.

The pharma companies used to charge Rs.1, 200 for an injection. The government ensured that the prices are reduced. It also capped prices of 700 essential medicines. The price of cardiac stents also brought down considerably, the PM said. He also enumerated measures adopted by his government to rein in pharma companies and to provide medicines at reasonable price through Pradhan Mantri Jan Oushadhi Pariyojna.