The word monsoon conjures up a pleasant, soothing and invigorating feeling as it is the starting point of the life cycle around us. Monsoon brings rain no doubt. A monsoon, however, can be either blessing or a curse, depending on the timing.


What if the monsoon plays hide and seek?

A delayed rain spells disaster as in the case of Andhra Pradesh. One would see the cruel spectacle like parents helplessly watching their dehydrated son dying before their eyes for want of drinking water while they were toiling away in the farm.


Farmers in many parts of Andhra Pradesh, especially in the districts of Kadapa, Kurnool and Anantpaur have passed through these heart-touching moments in the fields a fortnight ago.


They attempted all tricks desperately to save the crops which otherwise would ruin their families.


Our photographer captured the frantic efforts of the farmers in Kadapa district to save their crops by sprinkling water brought from far off villages on a cart a week before being battered by heavy rains.



The efforts proved futile. The long dry spell during the monsoon season dried up all crops in their wake leaving the farmer shell-shocked.



Farmers burnt their crops at some points.  At places, where it still retained some semblance life, farmer cut the crop to uses it as fodder.



Even chief minister Naidu’s rain-guns could not come to the rescue of the farmers and their crops.  The rain-guns are useful only when some water is stored in a near by ditch or farm-pond.



The on going rains arrived after all final rites completed: first like mist, then drizzle and finally took the form torrential rain. Rivulets, nalas overflowed. Tanks are filled to the brim.  Rivers are flowing ferociously. Reservoirs are receiving heavy inflows.