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Exposé: Sting reveals fake doctors in Karnataka villages

Fake doctors abode busted
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A sting operation by Suvarna News has exposed quacks practising in several villages of Bagepalli Taluk, Chikkaballapur district in Karnataka. The news team discovered many fake doctors, some of whom had not even passed 12th standard.

When the news team visited a clinic in Gulur village, Bagepalli Taluk, they questioned a 'doctor' named Dr Ramanjaneyulu. However, he claimed he was only a patient and not the doctor at all. After persistent questioning, he eventually confessed that he did examine patients, but was not a qualified doctor. 


“I take a lower consultation fee and treat poor people. This has been our profession since the time of our forefathers. I have completed my 12th standard but I am not cheating anyone. I only prescribe 'Over The Counter' tablets like Citizen and Zinetac, that is all. I don’t give injections. I just treat wounds and other petty ailments,” he argued.

The team, however, unearthed a large quantity of syringes and banned medicines at his residence. 


In another clinic, the team discovered that the medical certification of the doctor was not displayed. When quizzed about why the mandatory norm had been flouted, the doctor on call - one Dr Narasimhulu - claimed he was afraid the valuable document may be stolen if displayed in public. 


On being asked why he did not display photocopies instead - a common practice when theft or damage is feared, he feigned ignorance, claiming he had no idea it was compulsory to display qualifications. 

“These fake doctors have come here to kill our people. They don’t even know the basics of medical science. These people serve as assistants and housekeeping staff to qualified doctors and then come to our village posing as doctors, giving medicines and vaccinations” says Sudhakar, a citizen of Bagepalli.


Bagepalli, situated at the border of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, is allegedly home to many such fake doctors. 

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