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Exposé: Widows auctioned in K'taka

Exposed: Widows auctioned off by in-laws in Karnataka
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The in-laws put forward the wives of their deceased sons, to recover the marriage expenses and these hapless women are sold off to the highest bidder like commodities.



Sogadu Venkatesh a Social Activist says “A caste by the name Kunchala Koracha in Appabande village, Pavagada Taluk has been practising this ugly custom for years. Sadly, this practice continues even today but is not exposed to the outside world.”  



Channamma, a victim of widow auctioning, says, “In our times we were auctioned off for Rs 10-15 thousand. It is an old custom in our caste and is done by the husband’s family to recover the marriage expenses after their son’s death.”



This inhuman custom continues to this day; even widows who have borne children are sold on auction.



“In the territorial parts of Pavagada Taluk, Tumkur district, women are auctioned immediately after the death of their husbands. The bidder pays the bid money to the in-laws of the women and not to the women”, says Ugama Srinivas, Senior Journalist, Kannada Prabha



Suvarna News decided to expose this uncivilised custom and bring this to the notice of the government through a sting operation. 



This bidding takes place secretly. The victims have no voice to rise against this ugly practice.  

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