Ever since 8-year-old  Saarang returned from the 'Makers Fair' in California, he is a hero among his schoolmates in Kochi. At the foreign fair, he had won big appreciation for making a floor cleaning robot. He explained to the international audience how his prototype would work 'intelligently' and efficiently.  

The robot, he made using a robotic kit, can sense any object in its way and change course whenever needed and clean the floor. "The robot can detect any hindrance that comes on its way; we can put mopping cloth, add soap and water. The machine will do the rest of the job, " says Saarang.


Sarang, a third standard student of the Choice School, Kochi, has developed an automatic car seat belt that can considerably reduce the impact of an accident. He also developed a smart walking-stick that can help the visually impaired. 


"We want the children to learn things out of the textbooks. We have opened this department at the school for children to explore their ideas and imagination" says Elsa Jose, Vice President of Choice School. Robotics in India still may be in its nascent stage, but research shows that it is an efficient and innovative way to promote the holistic development of a child. 


The school has a robotics department that encourages students to experiment and innovate. The students have already developed drones and mobile app to switch off and turn on the electric lights even when you are away from home.