Mohammed Basheer Abdul Khader thought he was lucky to survive the Dubai plane crash last week. But time proved him luckier when he won a million dollar lottery, just six days after the accident. 

Khader was one of the survivors of the Emirates plane crash in Dubai. The flight from Thiruvananthapuram crash-landed and burst into flames at Dubai International Airport on 3 August with about 300 passengers on board. 

Khader struck gold on 9 August after his ticket won USD 1 million (₹6,68,35,000). He had taken the ticket from Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire at Concourse A at Dubai International Airport on Eid on his way to Thiruvananthapuram, a habit for past 17 years. He has been working in Dubai for 37 years. Responding to the news, Khader said that he value the escape as a precious gift from God. "I knew God gave me a second life when I survived the crash. He blessed me with this money to do good things," he told Gulf News. 

The expatriate from Thiruvananthapuram is working as a fleet administrator with a car dealer group in Dubai and earns Dirham 8000 (₹1, 45, 212) per months. Khader is spending a huge amount for the treatment of his 21-year-old son who became paralysed from an accidental fall just 13 days after his birth. He had to take a loan for ₹1.8 million for the surgery of his son. 

The big win doesn't blind the expatriate. He is planning to return to home after retirement in December this year and wants to find a job through which he can help people in need.