Now this new diary in the hands of the Congress contains details of a diary allegedly recovered during an income tax (I-T) department raid at a BJP MLC Leher Singh Sisoriya’s house on November 9, 2013. While in the Govind Raj diary the amount was Rs 600 crore in payoffs, here it is alleged that the BJP collected Rs 391 crore while the party was in power in Karnataka in 2008-13.


According to a report in the Times of India, the Karnataka pradesh Congress committee working president Dinesh Gundu Rao had released the diary which bears a signature similar to that of Sisoriya, who was the former BJP treasurer  while the B S Yeddyurappa government was in power.


If one were to look at the initials it follows the same pattern like in the alleged Congress MLC’s diary, however, here the abbreviations under the ‘paid’ column is of AS, BSY, Namo, SS, AK, MD Rao, DP, party fund, media (PTV) and HV.


Congress Sisoriya diary


These initials are being supposedly deciphered as BS Yeddyurappa, Narendra Modi , Amit Shah, Muralidhar Rao (MD Rao) etc...

Dinesh G Rao on social media under the handle Karnataka Congress has tweeted saying: "In Modi's Sahara-Birla case, the diary is in electronic format & owners have accepted that it's their data.”




He further challenged the BJP that since there is no veracity on Govind Raj’s diary as well, how can the opposition ask for the resignation of the Congress government in Karnataka? He added that also that since some important initials like Namo and AS also figure in the alleged seized diary, would the BJP seek the resignation of its top brass on moral grounds.

Again with the recovery of diary immediately after the Congress MLC’s, it has raised a storm, it is believed that Congress could be trying to falsely implicate the BJP. Even Sisoriya, the minister concerned, has refused to acknowledge the diary.


The Karnataka BJP has also released a letter dismissing  Sisoriya’s diary as fake.


karnataka BJP diary

Meanwhile, the Congress has demanded for an impartial probe into the contents of three diaries – the Sahara-Birla Diary, the MLC Govind Raj’s diary and the new Sisoriya diary.