Human body can really come up with some strange complications at times. Here is an example of the kind of complication that is mentioned above: a 100-gram foetus was removed from a seven month-old baby in Hyderabad.


Senior Paediatrician Dr. M Rangaiah stated that a scan revealed that there was a mass present inside the baby’s body and it had hair and limbs. The doctor concluded that there were two foetuses in the mother’s womb and only one developed. The second one got engulfed inside the developing foetus inside the mother’s womb.


The foetus which was removed from the baby’s body did not have heart, lung, liver or kidney.


Senior Pardiatric surgeon Prof. Narendra Kumar performed the surgery successfully and removed the mass from the baby’s abdomen. He has performed a similar surgery back in 1999.


There are only around 100 cases like this are recorded across the globe.