Currently VK Sasikala is facing legal complications in the Supreme Court. SC is going to announce its verdict on the Jayalalithaa-Sasikala disproportionate assets case in the next week. Sasikala had filed an appeal in the Supreme Court questioning the verdict of Karnataka High Court. Here are the 5 destinies of Sasikala after the verdict:

  • If she is found guilty then she has to forget her aspiration to become Chief Minister. The verdict may also lead her to imprisonment. It takes a long time for her to regain her political status.


  • She may file an appeal questioning the verdict of Supreme Court. Like Jayalalithaa she may perpetuate her legal battle for years and postpone the trial indefinitely.  


  • She may file a plea in the Karnataka High Court to cancel the court order and appeal and submit a review petition.


  • Or Supreme Court may disregard the orders of High Court and announce its own decree.


  • However, if Sasikala comes out clean then she can pursue her endeavour to become the Chief Minister. She will regain a clean political image that would be helpful for her political career.


“The trial will continue against VK Sasikala and other four accused. J Jayalalithaa, the main accused, is deceased but the case will not be closed on her death” – BV Acharya, Special Prosecutor, Karnataka.