Akkai Padmashali was denied housing loan in a bank; Reason: she is a transgender. Padmashali is a native of Karnataka and is fighting for transgender rights across the state. She is the first transgender person to be honoured with the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award, the second highest civilian honour in the state.


Padmashali has filed a petition and posted her bad experience in change.org website. Even though she submitted all the documents that were asked for it, they denied her housing loan for no reason, she alleged.

Having her own house in Bengaluru is one long-term dream of Padmashali, and to make that a reality, she has been visiting banks for housing loans. She has pawned her mother's jewellery and has saved some amount for her new house. To gather the rest of the money, she applied for a bank loan only to be welcomed with a reply stating that she is not capable of the loan.


The agreement for the present rented house will be over by June 28th and she and her mother will have to go the streets.


Padmashali was the first transgender to register her marriage, the first transgender to vote in Karnataka and the first transgender in India, to get a driving license.


The online petition was given to make the society aware of the issues that transgenders face. Padmashali's online petition is getting good response.