Dance Karnataka Dance judge is out from the show

Dance Karnataka Dance judge is out from the show


The actress was judging ‘Dance Karnataka Dance’ a reality show by Zee Kannada along with Malashree and Digant- well known actors in the industry. However, Raghavendra Hunasur the director of the show asked Bhavana to leave unceremoniously saying that she was making “inappropriate” comments.


The actress has however alleged that the team of the show ill-treated her and children were asked to perform dangerous moves on the stage."Before the show began I had said that it should not be a children's show and I asked for the script before the show begins, which was not provided. Some dancers were even asked to perform some dangerous moves,” she said.


She further claimed that the director was not happy with her opposing his decision of making children participate in the reality show. She further blamed that he often extended the shoot hours till morning making her for hours together on the set,” she added.


Bhavana also claims that the director has not paid her remuneration so far and has wasted her time and efforts. “I am going to file a complaint in the court of law and demand for a compensation” she said. “I have due respect for Zee channel but I am not happy with this particular director” she added.