In their smart uniforms Dafedars have a striking persona, but sadly, despite being a government job, the post of 'Dafedar' have no takers in Kerala. 


The establishment wing of Collectorate are on the hunt for people to fill the post.


Dafedars, who work as close assistant to Collectors have no fixed duty hours; a Dafedar is required to be on duty as long as the Collector is in the office. 


However, in spite of being an influential office, the post is lying vacant at various Collectorate offices in Kerala. The reason according to some retired Dafedars are the uniforms and the lack of fixed duty hours.


For the young generation, the stiff white uniform complete with a red cap, cross belt and waistband is a big turn off. Besides this a Dafedar's duty hours depends on the Collector's work, which is another reason that the job is not preferred. 


 According to custom, the senior most attender from the Revenue department is appointed to the post but they soon arrange a transfer to other departments. 


At present, there are 180 senior attenders in the Revenue department, but nobody is keen to take up the job and women are not considered for the post.