Many villagers in this country have protested in the past to remove liquor shops from their villages.  They have even struggled for years to make their villages free from liquors. Even Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of liquor free villages in our country.


One can never even dream about staging a protest to open a liquor shop. And this has happened in India!


Shockingly, the people of Kaushika village in Hassan have staged dharna to open a liquor shop in their village.


This strange protest was seen on Friday in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office. The villagers urged the local governance to open a licensed liquor shop by MSIL (Mysore Sales International Limited) in their village.     


The protesters told that majority of the villagers are daily wage labourers and they need to consume liquor. Currently there are no any liquor shops in the village. They have to travel 10 Km for the nearest liquor shop. Hence they urged Janaki, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Hassan, to allow opening a liquor shop in their village.


Local leaders of Kaushika village Shaila, Lakkegowda, Venkatesh and others were present in the protest.