Robbery and theft are reported everyday throughout the year. But now such crime acts are drastically reduced in Bengaluru.


Sources from the police crime branch say that this is also an effect of demonetisation. Note ban, on the one hand has become a headache for black money hoarders and on the other has it has adversely impacted on thieves and way layers. Thus, demonetisation has pacified house holders as well as the city police.


As per the statistics, 8 to 10 robbery cases are filed in the city every week. But now such cases have reduced to 75%. Since last week only 3 robbery cases and 1 dacoit case has been filed in the city. Even house robbery cases have reduced from 40 to 25.


Sharat Chandra, Additional Police Commissioner (Crime) told in the press meet that robber and thieves have lost their interest on currency, they are perplexed what to do with banned currency as they fear to go to bank to exchange for new notes.


“Public and wayfarers don’t carry huge amount of cash now a days. Even ATMs are facing the scarcity of currency. Therefore crime rates have reduced to a large extent. However, the crime branch is always vigilant to prevent crimes” – Sharat Chandra, Additional Police Commissioner (Crime).


It has become impossible for them to rob debit/credit cards from wayfarers and get money as the ATMs are also facing scarcity of money. Besides, huge mob will be present all the time standing in a queue at every ATM centre.