The recent incidents of ragging in Kerala college show that the new generation is resorting shockingly crude methods to intimidate their juniors. Some of these methods are deeply disturbing and humiliating while others are plain cruelty. 


As many as 21 MBBS students were suspended pending enquiry the other day for forcing junior inmates of Manchery Government Medical College to drink toilet water. More than 40 students, both girls and boys, alleged that their seniors inflict physical torture and force them to stand nude. The first-year MBBS students were also made to clean toilets. 


Last week, a brutal ragging case was reported from Nattakam Polytechnic College in Kottayam where nine senior students brutally attacked a first year student. Avinash, the victim, suffered serious injuries and damaged one of his kidneys in the attack. 


"They will rag us in the hostel late till 3 am. I had to stand naked on one leg for hours. We were also forced to frog jump for hours," Avinash, who is undergoing dialysis at a Thrissur hospital, said. When questioned, the seniors allegedly roughed him up.


When tired, Avinash requested for water, but was forced to drink alcohol mixed with some chemicals. The blood samples of the student showed traces of poisonous chemicals. Doctors said that the chemicals must have caused kidney damage.