It has been revealed that the State Land Revenue Commissioner had conclusively rejected that the land title produced by S Rajendran, the CPM legislator from Devikulam, as bogus and recommended recovery of the public land illegally occupied by the politician. The commissioner’s reports once again prove that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s claim that Rajendran was in possession of valid documents to prove his occupancy of land in Munnar.

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"In the enquiry report, it is seen that this patta (title deed) held by the appellant (S Rajendrdan) is categorized as forged pattayams," the Land Revenue Commissioners report said.


A grab from the LR Commissioner's report

The CPM legislator had approached the Village Officer of KDH Village requesting him to remit the basic land tax for an extent of 8 cents comprised in Sy.No.843/A which had been obtained by patta no. 32/1 of Tahsildar, Devikulam. But the Village Officer found that the actual plot occupied by Rajendran was Sy.No.912 and not Sy.No 843/A.

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"In the inquiry conducted, it is found that the land is shown in the list of lands possessed by bogus pattas and encroachments"


Rajendran had stated that the mix up in the survey number was a mistake occurred during the preparation of Patta and had submitted a request to the District Collector demanding the survey number corrected.

A grab from the LR Commissioner's report

The District Collector rejected the request for correction of survey number on the grounds that the assignment was ordered after completing all the procedures as prescribed in the Kerala Land Assignment Act and Rules.  The attempt to correct the survey number was a deliberate attempt to regularise the illegal occupation of the land, the commissioner noted. "In the inquiry conducted, it is found that the land is shown in the list of lands possessed by bogus pattas and encroachments," the document said.

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"As there is no record available to find that such an assignment was granted to the appellant (Rajendran) as per the procedure of law, the documents produced are bogus," it said.


The land occupied by Rajendran is public land belonging to the Kerala State Electricity Board.  The government land should be protected and "District Collector will take steps to resume the land in accordance with the provisions of relevant rules and regulations.

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The Land Revenue Commissioner submitted the report on 1 January 2015. But even after a lapse of two years, the government has not taken steps to recover the land illegally in possession of the MLA.

A grab from the LR Commissioner's report

Meanwhile, Rajendran convened a press conference on Wednesday and showed some documents claiming that it was the title deed he was awarded by the Land Assignment Committee. But the date of the document was ambiguous and the official seal doubtful.  


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The controversy over the land grab by the CPM legislator had kicked up a political controversy in the state with the Congress demanding his resignation following the expose.  Veteran CPM leader and former Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan had also come out strongly against his party colleague. He even suggested that Rajendran was part of the land mafia in Munnar.