Over 300 personnel of CRPF camp at Pallippuram in Thiruvananthapuram were   rushed to hospitals in and around the capital city after they reported ill just after having dinner on Saturday night. Some started vomiting after having fish curry served at the canteen while jawans developed itching all over the body.


The jawans blamed the fish served at the canteen for food poisoning. The Food Safety Department officials collected the samples from the canteen after the mass food poisoning. Health Minister K K Shailaja also visited the CRPF men under treatment at Medical College Thriruvananthapuram. None of the personnel, however, are in serious condition.


  Earlier studies by Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) had found poisonous chemicals including formalin, ammonia and histamine in fish sold in Kerala markets. Led contamination was also found in fish. The vendors often use ice made of water mixed with formalin and ammonia to preserve the fish, posing health risk for the consumers.

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An investigation by Asianet News last year had found the dangerous levels of Sodium Benzoate or E 211 in fish. Lab tests conducted at CIFT confirmed that the vendors were using E211 to keep the fish from decaying.  Experts warned that the use of such chemicals could result in health hazards including cancer. 


A selfie video of a CRPF Jawan blaming the authorities for serving stale food to the personnel had gone viral last year, exposing the extent of neglect and corruption in the force.