A senior officer of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that probed into the sensational Jisha rape and murder case alleged that there were attempts to derail the trial in the case. He dismissed the claims of the brother of the lone accused in the case as a strategy to save the criminal.  


SP P N Unni Rajan of the SIT rubbished the claim that Amirul Islam, the accused in the case, was only a witness to the crime and that another man committed the murder and said that the new revelation was part of a conspiracy to scuttle the trial in the case. 


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Badarul Islam, the brother of the accused, had claimed that Amirul, an Assamese labourer, only accompanied his friend Anarul Islam to Jisha's house on the day murder took place. Anarul went into hiding after the murder while Amirul landed in police net.  


Badarul questioned the charge sheet filed by the police before a trial court in  Ernakulam. The SIT claimed that Amirul, a sex pervert, single handedly raped and killed Jisha, a Dalit law student, in Perumbavoor on 28 April. 


But Rajan cut Badarul's claim and explained that the SIT solved the crime after collecting scientific evidence. He also questioned why Badarul kept mum till the charge-sheet was filed. The officer reiterated his stand that Anarul had nothing to do with the crime. A police team had found Anarul in Assam. But investigation proved that he was not a friend of Amiyur and had nothing to do with the crime. It was also found that Anarul was in Assam when the murder took place, he said.  


On 18 September, a day after the charge sheet in the Jisha murder case was filed before Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court, Badarul told Asianet News that Anarul had nursed a grudge towards the Dalit girl that prompted him to attack her. Amirul, who was in an inebriated state, accompanied his friend to Jisha's house in Perumbavoor, but did not take part in the crime, he had said.    


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On 20 September Amirul deposed before the court that he did not commit the murder. He also said that his friend Anarul killed Jisha out of vengeance. He repeated his statement to media persons while being taken back into the police vehicle. He also claimed that the police knew the whereabouts of Anarul.


During the initial stages of the investigation, the police team had suspected the involvement of a third person in the crime, after finding unidentified fingerprints at the crime spot.  

However, the 1500 pages charge sheet filed on 17 September is silent on Anarul and named Amirul as the lone culprit. According to the SIT, Amirul went to the house of Jisha in an inebriated state and committed the murder when she resisted rape attempt.