Finally, the students of Malaparamba Aided Upper Primary (AUP) School are at peace as they have a place to study and are no more worried of being thrown out of their classrooms.


Their classes were temporarily shifted to the District Collectorate on Thursday after the school was shut down by the management that obtained a favourable verdict from Kerala High Court following a long-drawn legal battle.


In a last-minute decision, just hours before the court considered the case on Wednesday, Pinarayi Vijayan government in Kerala had decided to take over the government-aided private school. However, the court directed the government to implement its earlier order to close down the school without delay.


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The school was sealed on Wednesday afternoon and the action council that put up a stiff resistance against the closure, fell in line with the court verdict. Following this, the district administration made ad hoc arrangements to shift the classes to the Collectorate Conference Hall. The fate of sixty students of the school was hanging in limbo until the government assured that the school will be taken over.


"Government is trying to find an immediate solution to the issue. However, we have put in all efforts to create an environment similar to the school," said Gireesh Cholayil, Deputy Director of Education.


The Public Works Department made arrangments overnight for four classrooms in the Engineers' Conference Hall following an order by District Collector N Prasanth. All other necessary arrangements have been made for the smooth functioning of classes. The district administration has also arranged transportation facility for students.


The collector received the students and led them to the new class rooms.  However, not all kids were happy about the class new place.


"There is something missing here," one student said.  "This is good, but I want to go back to my old school," said another one.  The students will only be back to their old school after the government completes the procedures to take over the institution.