In a move to put an end to the proliferation of anaerobic waste materials at wedding venues, the administration of Alappuzha district has come up with a new idea. The district administration has decided to issue a special certificate to the brides and grooms who follow green protocol during the marriage. 

District Collector Veena N Madhavan made the announcement as part of the efforts to honour those who dispose of anaerobic garbage properly. The collector also demanded that facilities to curb waste in a proper manner must be made available at the venues of the wedding. 

Anaerobic wastes like plastic spoons, thermocol sheets, disposable plates, plastic water bottles and plastic ice creme cups must be completely avoided. Edible items should not be kept in plastic covers and use plastic sheets to cover basins and dishes must be completely avoided. Reusable steel plates or ceramic utensils must be used instead of plastic and thermocol ones. It is also necessary to introduce source based waste management facilities at the venue of parties which are attended by more than 50 people. 

Aerobic materials play a crucial role in implementing zero-waste management concept. Recycling of waste must be done by the organisers of the wedding. Hotel and Auditorium users should set up aerobic biogas plants to produce compost from degradable wastes. It is also necessary to avoid distributing mineral water and instead provide boiled water at wedding venues.