The Facebook page of Kozhikode district collector Prasanth N, which has been in the news for past few days for the war of words with MP MK Raghavan, has gone viral once again, but this time for a good cause. Facebook, on Monday, published a video honouring the initiatives of the collector, popularly known as Collector Bro, over the past year. Most of these acts were materialised through his Facebook page which has over two lakh fans and followers. 


Prasanth uses Facebook as a medium to interact with the public and to popularise his initiatives.


The official Facebook post focuses on his initiative 'Compassionate Kozhikode' and states that the collector was successful in utilising his page to connect with the public and to work on social projects. It also features a video honouring his efforts.

In the video, Prasanth explains what led him to initiate the 'Compassionate Kozhikode' campaign. The collector explains that he took to Facebook to explain his requirements to improve the condition of the mental health centre in the district which was in a pathetic condition.  


The Facebook video goes on and explains that Compassionate Kozhikode initiated several other successful campaigns like 'Operation Sulaimani,' to provide a dignified meal for hungry people across the town which benefited more than 18,000 people so far, mobilising people to help city mental hospital and youth to paint the walls of Kozhikode. 


The authorities and governments should go to places where people are present and cannot create a create a change somewhere else, the collector says. 


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He also states that the people feel comfortable communicating on Facebook. 


Collector Bro posted Facebook video on his official Facebook page @CollectorKKD.