Yesterday, Parvati Siddaramaiah, the Karnataka chief minister’s wife, visited Chamundi Hill near Mysuru for her annual darshan (prayers) of the goddess Sri Chamundeshwari at the temple atop the hill.


Despite her VVIP status, the low-profile first lady stood in queue among the general public. Parvati offers her prayers to Sri Chamundeshwari every year on the third Friday of Ashada month (the fourth month of the Kannada lunar calendar). 


However, some devotees and the temple guards recognised her for who she was, took her away from the general queue and made special arrangements for her darshan.


Last year also she had visited the temple incognito. At that time JT Deve Gowda, a JDS MLA  had recognised her and arranged for a special darshan.


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Yesterday, when she was standing in the queue at the temple some journalists tried to take her photo. But the police prevented them and deleted some of the photos shot as well.


In the middle of this chaos, Parvati completed her prayers at the temple disappeared from the midst of the crowd of devotees.