Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan visited the residence of a local CPI(M) leader at Palloor in Mahe on Saturday, who was hacked to death on Saturday, May 7, and offered his support to the family. 

Babu Kannipoyil (42), a former municipal councillor of Mahe, was assailed and killed by a four-member gang, allegedly by RSS-BJP workers, near his house at Pallor.

The Kerala chief minister didn't visit Shamej's family who was killed on the same day. Shamej, an autorickshaw driver associated with the RSS, is believed to have been killed in retaliation for Babu’s murder. The Kerala police are investigating both the cases. 

A blame game follows almost every such murder in Kannur. Moreover, while the political parties do not own up for the killings, they often help the accused escape arrest and provide legal assistance if they are arrested for the case.

Political observers pointed out that the peace meetings could not do much because the political parties do not convey the decisions taken to workers on the ground.