Childline in Malappuram is trying a new way to rescue students from substance abuse and cyber web. The Childline has floated a football team to divert the energy and time of children to sporting activity. 

The 'Team Childline' will participate in major football tournaments in the district and also plans to organise district-level competitions for children below 18-years. "Children are now hooked to the internet, and social media or they turn towards drugs as a means of entertainment. Times had gone when kids used to spend most of their time on playgrounds," Childline coordinator Anwar Karakkattil said. 

The officials are planning to increase the excitement of the sport by spreading pamphlets and leaflets and by arranging for announcements at regular intervals. The first tournament will kick off at Kozhichena on April 15.

Childline is also planning to organise District Football Championship Tournaments.

"There were no competitions for kids under 18-years in district level. We hope that the new venture will fill more sports activism among children thereby helping them get over any bad habits," Karakkattil said.