On January 28, one fully loaded oil tanker collided with a vessel at the Kamarajar port in Ennore. The port authority through a social media post confirmed that at around 4 pm Dawn Kanchipuram carrying patrol and lube oil collided with BW Maple carrying LPG outside the harbour. 


The same post also confirmed that there is no oil pollution, casualty, or human injury caused by the accident and that both the vessels are afloat and anchored. Further, the post reads an enquiry has been ordered to find the cause of the collision. 


Meanwhile, the very next day the residents of Ennore shoreline reported thick oil spill on the sea next to it. According to the chairman of Kamarajar Port and authorities at the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, MA Bhaskarachar, the oil spill is due to the accident which is yet to be confirmed. The oil spill has endangered the marine life in the area, and multiple reports suggest that turtles and fishes have been the victim of the sea water poisoning caused by the oil.


About the reasons of the collision, port officials, as well as Bhaskarachar, has commented that it could have been due to human error. "There may have been a miscommunication between the two ships. We are studying the cause of the collision," Bhaskarachar was quoted by the Times of India as saying. 


Though this the very first time when such an incident has happened in the south-east coast, but the gravity of this matter is such that it should never happen. Both the tanker and the vessel were carrying cargoes that are highly dangerous in nature. There could have been a major blast, fire, or massive leakage of oil that would have been hard to contain. 


In a matter that involves high risk not only in terms of human lives but also for the environment, there should be greater involvement of modern technology and lesser dependency on humans. The complete report regarding the cause of this incident will take a few more days. However, human error has not been ruled out as of yet.