The controversy over a Portuguese national trespassing into the Ernakulam Siva Temple has taken a new turn after it was found that the CCTV cameras blacked out while the foreigner was on the temple premises. A police team had left for Goa to trace the person and have issued a Look Out Circular against him. 

The foreigner, identified as Pedro Miguel Rapose, trespassed into the temple premises on the midnight of March 16 and was caught by the staff, who handed him over to the Ernakulam Central Police. On interrogation Rapose told police that he was looking for space to spend the night.

Following this, police arranged a room for him at a city lodge and let him go. However, on the next day, he appeared at the police station and told the officials that he would be leaving for Goa. 

"He entered the premises at 11.22pm by scaling the compound wall and was caught at 11.48pm We had registered Ac us for trespass. On verifying CCTV footages, it was found that all 13 cameras installed on the premises blacked out during the period he was inside and then we decided to approach police chief," temple committee president P Rajendra Prasad said.

The police found that the cameras had not recorded anything during the time period and rebooted soon after the foreigner left the compound. Temple committee suspects that the trespasser carried out some kind of attack on the network. 

"Police have issued a Look Out Circular to prevent him from leaving the country. A police team has dispatched to Goa, where the suspect is believed to be currently in," ACP K Laljy said. 

On verifying the travel documents it was found that the foreigner had come to India after visiting Iran. State intelligence too have launched a probe into the incident.