'Silver Star' bus sported a green board with white letters that read Pakistan as it parked at Mukkam Private Bus Stand  in Kozhikode on Saturday. A few men in Saffron lungi stepped out of the bus and started inviting passengers to Pakistan. 

"Are you a beef eater," the man in saffron lungi asks the people waiting in the bus station. "If you are one, then take this bus to Pakistan."

It turned out to be a street play by Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), the left-wing youth organisation, against the Sangh Parivar's 'go-to-Pakistan' refrain aimed at writers, artists and activists who questioned the policies of the saffron brigade. 

Recently, the BJP had invited criticism by asking renowned Malayalam filmmaker Kamal to go to Pakistan for criticising the it and its version of nationalism. 

The street play ended with a climax in which people forced the men in saffron to board the bus and leave to Pakistan.  The symbolic protest was organised by the Mukkam Zonal Committee of the DYFI and was part of an ongoing campaign against the alleged Sangh Parivar agression on freedom of speech.